Formosa Element A.® Revitalizing Anti-Aging Lotion


Formosa Element A.® Revitalizing Anti-Aging Lotion

Extracted from the golden fruit of the Formosa Element A. ®, can increase the skin's protective effect, slow down the aging phenomenon, soothing discomfort. Contains hyaluronic acid, six peptides, oat extract and other beauty ingredients. The effective water and nutrients into the underlying skin, moisturizing the skin at the same time, but also to complete the effect of tight. Through the micro-emulsification technology so that lipophilic skin can be more quickly and effectively absorb, so that follow-up maintenance more efficient.


"Tap the skin , make the foundation , a touch of Tuberose , is the first step in moisturizing."

【 Firmingand soothing fine lines via fast permeability 】

Shelf life:3 years, after the proposed closure, please use within six months.

Capacity: 200ml

■ Cautions: If there is a wound, please avoid direct stimulation of the skin, please suspend use. If you have any symptoms such as discomfort or allergies, please stop using and contact a professional physician.

■ Origin / manufacture: Taiwan Chiayi

  No Parabens preservative、No artificial food coloring No animal- derived materials

All the products have passed the inspection standards- total aerobic plate count, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, ICP (Arsenic ( As ) ,  Lead ( Pb ) , Cadmium ( Cd ), Mercury ( Hg )).